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Orthotics for High Arched Feet

Why do high arch feet need custom orthotics?

The reason custom orthotics are needed is not for arch support but rather for overall foot balance. High arched feet tend to roll the ankle outward, which is due to the abnormal foot alignment. A custom orthotic if properly designed can negate these tendencies. 

Why not simple over the counter orthotics for high arched feet?

High arched feet are not as common as other foot types, therefore over-the-counter inserts rarely fit a high arch foot type. Furthermore, orthotic needs to be adjusted to prevent overloading the lateral foot. An over the counter device is not made for doing this. 

Should I use motion controlled shoes with my orthotics for high arches?

Motion controlled shoes often offered in high end running shoes should never be used in individuals with high arched feet. High arched feet need neutral shoes. 

Do orthotics for high arched feet help ankles?

Yes. Through the process of proper orthotic balancing, there will be a reduced tendency to roll the ankle. Its the main benefit of a properly balanced orthotic.

Is it true the harder high arched orthotics are more uncomfortable in people with high arched feet?

No the opposite is true. A properly designed orthotic will have less pressure in the arch and a feeling that foot is more stable and not rolling outward. Most people with high arched feet feel much better with an orthotic in their shoe.

Are high top shoes needed?

In some cases the orthotics and a high top shoe would be the best configuration. This would have to be determined on a case by case basis as there are other factors that are involved beside just the high arched foot. 


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