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Difficult Foot Problems

Many large clinics today are geared to manage high-volume case loads. While this is a great model to treat common straight forward problems, it is a terrible model for managing more complex and challenging pathologies that affect many patients. There are many subtle mechanical conditions that require clinical detective work to make an accurate diagnosis before treatment can be considered. Without a clear diagnosis, treatment often is unsuccessful. Likewise, there are end-stage conditions that have developed distorted anatomy that are resistent to standard treatments.

At Ankle & Foot Clnics Northwest, we embrace treating patients with challenging problems that other clinics may avoid or undertreat. Why? ... its simple ... we enjoy the challenge and have high rates of success in managing these conditions. When you can truly help someone suffering for years with an unrelenting problem, it can be life-changing for the patient and extremely rewarding for the physician.

While we don't profess that we can solve every problem, our experience and volume in dealing with difficult pathologies gives us insight to unique options that may not have been offered. If you are frustrated with your current treatment or lack thereof, and if you have not received an accurate diagnosis, you should consider seeing one of our physicians.

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