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  • Splint too tight?
    Swelling after foot or ankle surgery can make your splint feel too tight which can be a common source of pain. Watch our video to see Dr. Bowlby demonstrate how Read more
  • Contrast Baths
    Contrast baths are an inexpensive, natural, and powerful way to reduce swelling and inflammation.  Using both warm water to open up blood vessels and cold water to constrict blood vessels Read more
  • What's a Hoka and why we love it?
    Hoka One One is a brand of athletic shoes marketed for runners but is also an excellent choice for many of our patients, especially those with ball of the foot pain, hallux rigidus, and midfoot or ankle Read more
  • Simple Ankle Sprains...NOT So Simple !
    Ankle sprains are the #1 sports injury. Despite what most people  believe, ankle sprains are a real injury and range in severity depending on the grade.   Grade I injury-stretching of the ankle ligaments Grade II Read more
  • What's my foot type?
    Many patients are interested in their foot type so that they are able to choose athletic shoes best suited for them. Here is a simple test you can do at Read more
  • Looking for a good athletic shoe?
    A good athletic shoe should not flex through the arch, it should not be able to be easily twisted and it should have a stable heel counter. Athletic shoes no matter Read more
  • Problems with your running or hiking shoes?
    Heel slippage?... try this lacing technique.  Instead of crisscrossing all the way up the shoe, run the laces up parallel on the last eyelet. Then cross the laces and pull through Read more
  • First Step AM Heel Pain?
    First step in the morning heel pain is a classic sign of plantar fasciitis.  It is the most common cause of heel pain a localized inflammation of the plantar fascia. Patients Read more

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